Introduction to Enginio Data Storage

Enginio Data Storage (“EDS”) is a fully managed, NoSQL database for storing non-relational data. EDS automatically scales with your users and supports built-in object level access control and policies, as well as robust queries.

Scalable and Robust Data Storage

EDS provides interface to a database that offers:

  • High availability.
  • Powerful and robust queries.
  • Automatic scaling, backup and disaster recovery.
  • Object level access control and policy enforcing.
  • Support for any type of data, including files.
  • Your data in the cloud.

EDS instances are fully managed by Qt Cloud Services:

  • Replicated across multiple data centres.
  • Automatically scales as your traffic increase.
  • Monitored by Qt Cloud Services engineers.

EDS is accessible via REST APIs. The data objects are stored as JSON objects. EDS has a number of SDK libraries available for many of the leading development environments.

EDS instances can be managed via the Qt Cloud Services management console. The console features a web-based interface for managing the data stored in EDS instances. Once you are ready to get started, head to our Getting Started guide.